The Optomap Retinal Exam

As with the health of the rest of your body, it’s not always what you do see that counts, it’s what you don’t. The eye is a window into your overall health, and can paint a picture of how your body responds to everyday life.

To continue to provide the very best care for our patients, Cannon Eyecare has brought in the Optomap Retinal Exam as a tool for early detection of eye disease and overall health. The Optomap provides a wide-field view of the part of the eye that actually provides vision, the retina. By looking at the retina in such detail, we can monitor eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration, as well as whole body health like diabetes and hypertension.

Documenting the retina every year allows us to note small changes quickly for early diagnosis and treatment. The Optomap is a convenient way to ensure healthy vision for all ages.

  • No eye drops are required.
  • No blurry vision afterward.
  • No sensitivity to light.
  • No trouble driving afterward.

Please note, Dr. Cannon prefers to get a baseline dilated exam as well as Optomap on your first visit to ensure maximal health.

The choice is yours

The Optomap is a valuable tool in the eye exam process, providing a quick, convenient option to our patients. Because Optomap retinal screenings are not covered by health insurance, there is a small screening fee applicable. Patients are always given the choice to have a dilated retinal exam in lieu of the Optomap.